National Dictionary Day

A power outage and then an internet outage…  Sigh!  What can I say?  Finally, the note to my readers is out.

Happy Dictionary Day!

October 16th is National Dictionary Day, commemorating the birth of the great lexicographer Noah Webster. Celebrate by delving into our archive for articles about Webster and the world of dictionaries. A sampling: “Noah Webster at 250: A Visionary or a Crackpot?,” “The Case for Dictionary Day,” “The Birth of Webster’s Dictionary,” and “Dictionary Day and the Quest for All-American Words.”


Today’s post required a bit of research and I goofed part of it. I must make one very important apology.

I said: SAPPY AS A TREE posted an article entitled Dear Miss Alcott. I feel connected to that writer. Forgive the bad grammar, but she is me. Do you ever feel that way about some stranger you meet online? She is a much younger lady than I, but her interests and her ideas mirror many of mine.  She has another blog called WRITE OUT OF DARKNESS. Be sure to read that one too.  I would elaborate, but why should I steal your joy in discovering her?

This evening I found out that Sandi has the blog WHAT OFT WAS THOUGHT and not the WRITE OUT OF DARKNESS as I stated. That lovely blog is authored by Terri.  I cannot imagine why or how I mixed up those two, but it happened.

My apologies to both ladies.

Hitting the Platforms

Mohandas Gandhi was reported to have said, “The way to see India is by train.”Railway Platform

Showing Gandhi travelling often by train, the movie bearing his name featured his life and accomplishments for the nation of India.

I say that to tell my blogging 101 friends that I will be “out of station” starting late this evening through Tuesday AM.  I doubt I will have access to internet connections anywhere along the route; however, I will check for assignments if I get a chance. I plan to catch up with lesson assignments when we return.


Day 3 assignment for Blogging 101: Say “Hi,” to the Neighbors