When I was a young girl at home, many told me that my mother had written poetry when she was younger, but I never saw much of it.  After her marriage to my father, her life was filled with four children and a farm.  Farm life was never easy for any of us.

Move from that thought to the present, where our son-in-law constantly researches his family tree and our daughter’s too. Recently he unearthed a poem my mother had written as an obituary for her mother’s sister’s husband, who died in a train accident in Lubbock, TX.  Finding this poem online was truly amazing.

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BLOGGING 101: Lessons Learned A Few At A Time

Lessons learned, a few at a time

Make blogging easier and more refined.

Fonts, colors, tags, pictures and title too,

All work together to tell about you.

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BLOGGING 101: Day 2–Say Your Name and Other VIP Information



by Walker L. Gibson

A burro once, sent by express,

His shipping ticket on his bridle,

Ate up his name and his address,

And in some warehouse, standing idle,


He waited ’till he like to died.

The moral hardly needs the showing:

Don’t keep things locked up deep inside;

Say who you are and where you’re going.



Hitting the Platforms

Mohandas Gandhi was reported to have said, “The way to see India is by train.”Railway Platform

Showing Gandhi travelling often by train, the movie bearing his name featured his life and accomplishments for the nation of India.

I say that to tell my blogging 101 friends that I will be “out of station” starting late this evening through Tuesday AM.  I doubt I will have access to internet connections anywhere along the route; however, I will check for assignments if I get a chance. I plan to catch up with lesson assignments when we return.


Day 3 assignment for Blogging 101: Say “Hi,” to the Neighbors