10 thoughts on “PROMISING PHOTOGRAPHER: Amaris Gl©tt (age eleven)

    1. Diana,

      Which Blogging 101 post was that? I can’t remember any footnotes–at least not in the photograph gallery. Whatever was under the photograph if you used the slide show, was there when I uploaded the picture.

      When the family visited us last October, Amaris took nearly 1,000 photos of things that fascinated her here.

      I went back to see what others might see in the slide show and realized that there is a history of sorts of each item.


        1. Diana,

          I have to smile rather than cry about some things. I am surely not up to being a true blogger. I am scarcely able to keep up with my own email messages, much less with all the new feeds coming in the last few days. Whatever that was is now “history” and gone from my memory. Maybe I did not need to know it.


          1. Diana,

            I need to just “hang” on to the rope after I tie the knot at the end, right? I think you know the feeling. ❤


  1. These are lovely! And the drawing is, too. I especially love the last one of the trees against the sky (one of my favorite things to draw when I was little).


    1. The first picture is the only drawing, but yes, I know what you mean about drawing trees. I think it might have been about 4th grade when I learned that bark was not brown. Why is it that youngsters only see brown and green? Then there is texture… Ah, the feel of a picture is important too.


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