Today’s post required a bit of research and I goofed part of it. I must make one very important apology.

I said: SAPPY AS A TREE posted an article entitled Dear Miss Alcott. I feel connected to that writer. Forgive the bad grammar, but she is me. Do you ever feel that way about some stranger you meet online? She is a much younger lady than I, but her interests and her ideas mirror many of mine.  She has another blog called WRITE OUT OF DARKNESS. Be sure to read that one too.  I would elaborate, but why should I steal your joy in discovering her?

This evening I found out that Sandi has the blog WHAT OFT WAS THOUGHT and not the WRITE OUT OF DARKNESS as I stated. That lovely blog is authored by Terri.  I cannot imagine why or how I mixed up those two, but it happened.

My apologies to both ladies.

8 thoughts on “APOLOGY

    1. Grynnie,

      If you have ever taught a group of teens, you’ll find that you *must* be open and honest. They will crucify you if your deny your errors. On the flip side, they will love you to pieces if they believe they can trust you.


      1. I discovered years ago that honesty truly is the best policy. I raised 4 kids of my own and 3 step children. I did my best to show them the need to live a honest life. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a husband that felt the same but I can hold my head high and know that I was true to myself. I hope those lessons stuck as now they are all adults. Take care. Grynnie


  1. Beth, if I had a quarter for every error I’ve made in posting something on the internet–whether a comment on someone’s blog on in my post, on Facebook, in an email–I would be well on my way to a nice little nest egg (I could buy that bigger piano I’ve always wanted!). Thank you again for referencing my article, and I’m sure Terri will appreciate any readers who come her way because of your mentions.


      1. Terri,

        As I said earlier, I am hoping several will discover both of you and that your thoughts flowing from the keyboard onto the screen will prove beneficial to those who need to consider deeply.


    1. I doubt seriously you make half as many errors as I in writing anything. I need my own personal editor, and If criticism gives one a thick skin, I must be a pachyderm. In my school teaching days I told my classes to feel free to point out the errors in what I wrote on the board but to do it gently and with proof if necessary. If they followed those two rules, then they got two extra points on that day’s work. How is that for fair?

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