Waste not, want not – II

What a great way to save and serve at the same time! I am drawn to this for many reasons. One being the good food but another being the Scotch in this lady. ūüėČ


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Being the child of parents who grew up in the Second World War is a mixed blessing. ¬†‚ÄúWaste not, want not‚ÄĚ is a consequent mantra. ¬†This, together with the Scottish tendency to watch the pennies,¬†often leads me to thinking what I can do with something that‚Äôs past its sell-by date, and is (unless you hadn‚Äôt noticed)¬† a recurring theme ¬†in what I cook.

The festive season is not just hot in McGregor, but¬†shopping is more of a challenge: ¬†the shops run out of things and, it seems, sometimes either the stock rotation doesn‚Äôt work, or cold chain is broken. ¬†Or both. ¬†We try to shop once a week ‚Äď frequent¬†trips into Robertson, our nearest town, are costly (time and petrol), so we buy enough of most things to last, including milk.

We are blessed that there is a local dairy that produces milk that reminds me of my…

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BLOGGING 101: Teacher Evaluation and Farewell to the Class

Antique Typewriter

Typing classes in my school were taught using these old Royal or Remington typewriters and yet we still communicated with the world.  We got jobs, found mates, had children and even educated them.  We went through college doing our papers on those old things, but today we have computers and what is more we have blogs.  Ah, yes, blogs.

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Coyotes: Yipping and Calling as the Night Train Passed

I remember sounds from my childhood home in the Texas Panhandle, noises that made me fearful and cold when I was small, with echoes that I rarely hear anywhere else, the calls of coyotes at night.

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BLOGGING 101: Announcing a New Feature

Announcing a New Feature–The¬†Things We Treasure

I see plenty of bloggers who have a Music Monday or a Thankful Tuesday.  Perhaps they have Quote of the Day Wednesday, Fantastic Friday or Stream of Consciousness Saturday, but I am not necessarily hooked by those prompts.  I have been tempted to create some regular weekly or monthly posting categories with enough variety to be valuable to my audience in the cyber world.

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Morning Stiffness aka Why My Neck Hurts
Morning Stiffness
aka Why My Neck Hurts

Five girls in a bed and the little one said, “Roll over!¬† Roll Over!”

Then¬†the daddy left for work,¬†and the mother said, “Move over!¬† Fill Dad’s spot!”

So they all rolled over and slept a while longer, then mother snapped a selfie and…

Self-analysis dictates that sleeping six (or seven) in a bed, no matter the bed size, is damaging to the health and alternative arrangements should be made, whether or not the kids have bad dreams, sugar ants on their pillowcases or pets munching scattered toys and food to keep children from sleeping all night.

After all, why did they buy beds for each kid?



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