Waste not, want not – II

What a great way to save and serve at the same time! I am drawn to this for many reasons. One being the good food but another being the Scotch in this lady. 😉


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Being the child of parents who grew up in the Second World War is a mixed blessing.  “Waste not, want not” is a consequent mantra.  This, together with the Scottish tendency to watch the pennies, often leads me to thinking what I can do with something that’s past its sell-by date, and is (unless you hadn’t noticed)  a recurring theme  in what I cook.

The festive season is not just hot in McGregor, but shopping is more of a challenge:  the shops run out of things and, it seems, sometimes either the stock rotation doesn’t work, or cold chain is broken.  Or both.  We try to shop once a week – frequent trips into Robertson, our nearest town, are costly (time and petrol), so we buy enough of most things to last, including milk.

We are blessed that there is a local dairy that produces milk that reminds me of my…

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