Apple and Razer are companies that operate on the theory that presentation is everything.  Buy a mouse and the packaging makes you want to mount the whole thing on a pedestal in your living room.

So how does this relate to my blog?  With any imagination, pictures and formatting (the presentation) should support as well as promote the text.

As far as possible, where material and photographs are not mine, I acknowledge the source and/or photographer.  In some instances, who the photographer was, may be lost because it has existed on my computer for such a long time.  In those cases, I ask you to let me know (gently) that I have your property and I will remove or credit it as you see fit.

Note that the CreativeCommons link is in my sidebar, and as with the use of other people’s intellectual property, use or replication of material on this site should be acknowledged in the usual way, including links to the original content and acknowledging me as the author and owner.

So far my outside photo sources have been MorgueFile, Wikicommons, GoogleImages or family snapshots.

Waiting To Hear Your Ideas

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