One might ask why such a study and why categorize the heavenly beings this way?  I have tried to show that there are various types of spiritual beings working with and for the Heavenly Father and his elect. The main way these beings are categorized is by their appearances as well as their abilities, positions and purpose. These categories should help to give a better understanding and knowledge of heavenly beings.  Mind you, I am not claiming to expose everything because I do not know all there is to know about them.




God’s world and his creatures are truly fascinating, and one wonders if the creatures described in Ezekiel are given an earthly form or if that description indicates their real spiritual form. Whatever might be the case, more than one Cherub was placed at the entrance of the Garden, when God intended to keep man from re-entering (Gen. 3:24). Perhaps there was more than one Cherub at the entrance but only one flaming sword that turned every direction, or maybe one each?  In any case, men of old knew what the cherubims looked like before Ezekiel’s vision because they were carved and entwined in the temple tapestry, on the lavers and other prominent places. Two fully formed Cherubims carved from the almond tree and covered with gold were on either end of the ark.  Did these two have more than one face, and, if so, which face did Moses understand would be facing toward each other?

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Lessons from the Books of Law

Such detail and so much study to teach the older kids who generally don’t think seriously at that age… What a wonderful example for adults too!

for the invisible


For the past couple of years I’ve been working on a series for older kids on the Books of Law. So far we’re on lesson 50, but only maybe half way through? Prior to this, I had never studied the books of Exodus through Deuteronomy in too much detail, since they seemed both a little daunting and dry to me. (Shame on me!) Though I’ve put my heart into making these lessons interesting for my students, I think I’ve learned way more from this study than they have. It’s been the most rewarding (albeit challenging) series I’ve ever worked on, partly because I began it with virtually no knowledge of most of the laws, and have learned so much; also because the topics in the Old Law foreshadow the New Law so beautifully, exactly as God designed them for.

My students are ages ten to fourteen, but most of the knowledge has been…

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My intent is to give as complete a picture of heavenly beings as possible, using the only reliable source we have–Scripture. One day, Lord willing, we may get to go to be with these spiritual beings, and have a form even more glorious than theirs. Heaven is an unimaginably glorious place. The cherubim were not chubby naked babies like one sees in today’s pictures – there is no glory to that.Baby AngelsThe true cherubim were obviously so magnificent in form that they were selected by God to decorate the various tabernacle items?

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