BLOGGING 101: Announcing a New Feature

Announcing a New Feature–The Things We Treasure

I see plenty of bloggers who have a Music Monday or a Thankful Tuesday.  Perhaps they have Quote of the Day Wednesday, Fantastic Friday or Stream of Consciousness Saturday, but I am not necessarily hooked by those prompts.  I have been tempted to create some regular weekly or monthly posting categories with enough variety to be valuable to my audience in the cyber world.

MY planned categories are:


So far my category listings do not show because there is not a post connected to them, yet.  One I have not added yet, but one I am sure would hook a specific type of reader is Things We Treasure.  That could range from weird collections to special people or on to spiritual things.  Likely a wide variety of people would be willing to read or contribute.

Curio Cabinet
Curio Cabinet

My mother-in-law was a great collector, much to the chagrin of my father-in-law.  As she aged, more and more things became her trinkets–to the point there was no real display–just things jammed together as if dumped in a child’s toy box.  Some were indeed valuable as antiques and some as family heirlooms, but all were difficult to keep dusted.  She had a spoon from every state in the United States.  She had an egg shell she had blown herself and planned to paint one day.

As you can see by the photo taken from a museum archive, perhaps it was popular at the time to keep such things on display even though they were  not organized.

Who am I to criticize?  I have two boxes full of cloth I “plan to use for quilts one day.”

Each to his own…

4 thoughts on “BLOGGING 101: Announcing a New Feature

  1. Hmm, well one person’s chaos is another person’s art. While one might go to a modern art gallery and see nothing but blotches of color without the structure of outlines another might see a beautiful landscape in their mind. I personally don’t think things must be labeled to have value in a collection of memories. I have a collection that is very precious to me but it isn’t labeled. I still see beauty in my collection and even if time takes away or blurs some of the memories I know that each item was either collected by me or given to me by someone that cared for me. Some of the items have financial value and some don’t. A great deal of the items are in my own curio cabinet and none are labeled. Many items of different sized are arranged but not in a precise manner. Some items are near others because they came from the same place.

    Why does it have to be precisely organized or labeled? Why does it have to be useful or a tool to have value?

    These are just my opinions and they do not have to be yours. I respect that some people must have precise organization to be comfortable but I love my crowded curio cabinet of memories.


    1. Grynelle,

      What you say has merit. However, if you want to pass on your lovely memories to others, consider how they will perceive what you have left them. My second child saved a bird nest found in our cow pasture. To her it held memories of her long solitary walks, but could she leave that to another? By labels, I mean write a story about the memory. Tell who, what, when, why and where. Make your memory valuable, not just an inanimate object with no identity.

      After my mother-in-law passed from this life, there were so many things that had to be trashed because nobody knew the value she had placed on them. In most cases there was no way to identify what the items were, much less why she had saved them.


  2. Some folk are mere hoarders. What other way could you describe someone who has no thought about usefulness, organization or labels? In High School I had a home economics teacher who maintained that if something had not been used in a year, then it ought to go out in to garbage. Since I am not willing to go that far, I only apply her principle to my wardrobe. My quilting supplies continue to collect. 😉


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