BLOGGING 101: Lessons Learned A Few At A Time

Lessons learned, a few at a time

Make blogging easier and more refined.

Fonts, colors, tags, pictures and title too,

All work together to tell about you.

OK, so it is an elementary, even silly little rhyme, but it does get my point across. Today I made some major decisions about the ones I am blogging for and my purpose for this project.  I added categories that can have sub-categories.  That way if I choose to make my categories into a menu item I will not have so many.  I played with the font for more than two hours.  Finally, I was able to tame the beast of size.  It was born from a tiny drop down button on the customize link, where I had the option of using a 1, 2, or 3 to display the fonts in my posts.

Just in case others have missed an earlier blogging assignment, I want to suggest that you read here:

This was the most important concept I had to consider before moving on.  Having been a thrifty seamstress even from my childhood, that title resonated with me.  And because I love organization, the ideas shouted, “Happy Blogging!” from the housetops.

Oh, yes. I forgot to mention this also fulfills yesterday’s assignment.

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