Hitting the Platforms

Mohandas Gandhi was reported to have said, “The way to see India is by train.”Railway Platform

Showing Gandhi travelling often by train, the movie bearing his name featured his life and accomplishments for the nation of India.

I say that to tell my blogging 101 friends that I will be “out of station” starting late this evening through Tuesday AM.  I doubt I will have access to internet connections anywhere along the route; however, I will check for assignments if I get a chance. I plan to catch up with lesson assignments when we return.


Day 3 assignment for Blogging 101: Say “Hi,” to the Neighbors

5 thoughts on “Hitting the Platforms

        1. Laura,
          Our electricity will be off all day today. Usually it is only for an hour or two, but this is what they call a scheduled cut. My computer battery only has so much left and then I will be looking for other things to do. 😉 I have had a bear of a time getting the assignments done to catch up, but I think I am almost there.

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