BLOGGING 101: Lessons Learned A Few At A Time

Lessons learned, a few at a time

Make blogging easier and more refined.

Fonts, colors, tags, pictures and title too,

All work together to tell about you.

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MORE LESSONS LEARNED (by a slow learner)


One post I read, ( which talked about the blogging awards, made a lot of sense to me.  See if it clicks with you.

If I nominate 15 blogs, and each of those nominate 15 more, and so on, here is the progression:

15 . . . . . . 225 . . . . . . 3,375 . . . . . . 50,625 . . . . . . 759,375 (!) . . . . . . 11,390,625 (!!)

Plus, you have to divulge seven (7) things about yourself.  FaceBook has those same kind of things, and I always thought it’s just another way for people trying to break your password to get useful information from you.  Basically, you are willingly giving away your identity.

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BLOGGING 101: Day 2–Say Your Name and Other VIP Information



by Walker L. Gibson

A burro once, sent by express,

His shipping ticket on his bridle,

Ate up his name and his address,

And in some warehouse, standing idle,


He waited ’till he like to died.

The moral hardly needs the showing:

Don’t keep things locked up deep inside;

Say who you are and where you’re going.



WordPress Blogging 101 Assignment: Headers and Background

This has been the hardest lesson yet–at least for me.  After spending two hours trying to find a way to log into my site, I determined when I finally found it to rectify that problem in particular for my own sake.  I thought I had done that before, but it must have been before I switched themes.

Those of you who have visited earlier may notice that my side bar features these new items: a meta widget, several personal widgets, two types of follow widgets and a new color for my background.  The theme still does not feel like “mine” yet.  I am hoping for some comments which offer suggestions.

Another item I have not dared try is “the new posting experience.”  Does anyone else use that feature?