MORE LESSONS LEARNED (by a slow learner)


One post I read, ( which talked about the blogging awards, made a lot of sense to me.  See if it clicks with you.

If I nominate 15 blogs, and each of those nominate 15 more, and so on, here is the progression:

15 . . . . . . 225 . . . . . . 3,375 . . . . . . 50,625 . . . . . . 759,375 (!) . . . . . . 11,390,625 (!!)

Plus, you have to divulge seven (7) things about yourself.  FaceBook has those same kind of things, and I always thought it’s just another way for people trying to break your password to get useful information from you.  Basically, you are willingly giving away your identity.

I have been doing more reading than writing today, but my reading has led me to several really beautiful blogs–worthwhile as well as enjoyable.  Reading along the way is a temptation I have that makes me seem like a procrastinator.  I am not intentionally putting off writing, just enjoying the scenery as I ride along.



I thought I was following quite a number of blogs, because they always turn up in my reader. In fact, some days there are so many there I can’t seem to wade through them all. It is like having too many friends on Face Book. You don’t do anyone justice and neither do they get through to you. As time goes on I should be able to judge which ones have the most to offer and stick with those.

But when I was trying to find which ones were actually attached to my LESSONS LEARNED blog I was shocked to only see three or four in my dashboard. I followed the directions in the Blogging 101 prompt and limited the number to ten. Well, you can see there are several more than ten, mostly writers blogs. That tells you and me both a lot about me. Eventually the photography blogs should show if it rotates like it is supposed to. I like photos even thought I am not good at photography.


The blogroll shown on the sidebar today will show you that I figured out how to make the widget, now to figure out who to add my own links to that is the next question for me.

Notice too that I have installed a cute little flag counter. That is more for interest sake than anything, but it seems to be working!

Tomorrow maybe I can work on this again and find new features that are useful.


6 thoughts on “MORE LESSONS LEARNED (by a slow learner)

  1. Wow, your Lessons Learned blog has changed radically since I last looked at it, Beth: way to go! I am also fascinated by the geography of who stops by my sites: my silly goal is to get all 6 continents (still no one from South America, however–could be the language barrier is a problem?). I found the article debunking the award very interesting: I invariably avoid those chain posts on Facebook as well. How to balance the reading with the writing? Good question. Meanwhile, I am so far behind on Blogging 101 that I may have to drop out; it will probably be mid-October before I get to this blogroll task.By the way, I couldn’t seem to find a way to “like” this post, but I do like it.


    1. I am questioning whether to use the like buttons or not. I have wondered if they keep people from commenting.

      I do wish I could make the blogs I follow widget smaller. If you find a way let me know. It is almost embarrassing to have those stand out so much.


      1. You’re probably right about the likes. My husband, on the other hand, wishes he could like things on my posts–but am I right in thinking only folks can “like”?


        1. I have no idea about that. I know one can comment with just an email address. You see the cute little colored lacy squares where someone with an email address has commented.


          1. “Note: You must be logged into in order to use the Like button.” (from the support document ). I’ve wondered if I need to say something about this when I put a post onto facebook (which I do manually), since only a handful of my Facebook friends have accounts here. I find the “Like” button useful, because I often don’t have time to sit down and write out a well-thought response; if I like a post, it shows up in my Reader, and I can go back later and comment more, if I wish.


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