WordPress Blogging 101 Assignment: Headers and Background

This has been the hardest lesson yet–at least for me.  After spending two hours trying to find a way to log into my site, I determined when I finally found it to rectify that problem in particular for my own sake.  I thought I had done that before, but it must have been before I switched themes.

Those of you who have visited earlier may notice that my side bar features these new items: a meta widget, several personal widgets, two types of follow widgets and a new color for my background.  The theme still does not feel like “mine” yet.  I am hoping for some comments which offer suggestions.

Another item I have not dared try is “the new posting experience.”  Does anyone else use that feature?


3 thoughts on “WordPress Blogging 101 Assignment: Headers and Background

  1. I have used the new posting experience. I like the fact that there is more real estate than editing the post from the dashboard. You can use the “distraction free” mode to gain real estate in the dashboard edit and if you use a lot of images, the page will often times look very close to preview or publish mode. The BBB posting experience looks less like the page in preview. Both modes have something to offer and limitations as well. I often bounce back and forth between BBB, edit, and distraction free depending on what I am trying to accomplish. None of them is perfect when composing for images with distraction free being the most representational of the end product.

    The biggest annoyance between BBB and distraction free is I have yet to find a way to preview without going back into edit post mode first. Click, click, click, click, and finally preview. You can’t always cheat either by leaving the preview up in a separate tab and just refreshing the window. After a while it doesn’t refresh with the changes showing. Then you have to preview all over again.

    Don’t be afraid to try it. On the page is a way to click back into “classic mode” without loosing anything. I always save the draft before I do it anyway just to be safe.


    1. Thanks for taking time to answer my question. I will be brave once I get the main column figured out. Right now it is far too narrow and print is too small.


      1. Beth, if you mean the box in dashboard edit post is too narrow and the print too small do this:

        To widen the column or box click on distraction free mode. It’s the icon just below the word “text” where you see the “visual” or “text” tabs and next to the spell check icon. That will give you a wider page with bigger print. You will loose some functions that you will have to go back into edit mode to use like color of type for instance.

        Here is a trick you can use in BBB, classic edit, and distraction free to increase “type” size quickly but not permanently.

        Hold down the shift button and scroll up or down to zoom in on the page. To go back to default size quickly, click Cntrl 0 (zero). Save your draft if you are fearful and give it a try. You won’t hurt anything. When you use it, you will notice some annoying quirks and limitations that aren’t damaging. They just need to be worked around when editing. Let me now if I can help with anything else. Don’t know a lot, but will try.

        FYI, you can use the shift/scroll wheel trick on almost any page that comes up on the net, even most images. I used it for typing this comment in notifications. You KNOW how small that box and type are.


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