BLOGGING 101: Commenting Boldly

I am not politically motivated in any way.  I do love my homeland and often worry about the turn our government is taking, but I generally keep my opinions to myself.  My head is not in the sand. The nearest I have ever come to making a public statement about my political preferences was on MULIEBRAL VIEWPOINT last year and the only two comments were sage.

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Hitting the Platforms

Mohandas Gandhi was reported to have said, “The way to see India is by train.”Railway Platform

Showing Gandhi travelling often by train, the movie bearing his name featured his life and accomplishments for the nation of India.

I say that to tell my blogging 101 friends that I will be “out of station” starting late this evening through Tuesday AM.  I doubt I will have access to internet connections anywhere along the route; however, I will check for assignments if I get a chance. I plan to catch up with lesson assignments when we return.


Day 3 assignment for Blogging 101: Say “Hi,” to the Neighbors

Day 3 assignment for Blogging 101: Say “Hi,” to the Neighbors

If I were to make a list of bloggers who have influenced me, Holistic Wayfarer would be right there at the top of the list. All you have to do is go there to see for yourself. In so many ways, this young Korean lady is representative of what America is all about. She stands out as the best example I can think of for what the Statue of Liberty represents and what foreign immigrants and their children can accomplish when given a chance. It is not only her accomplishments you have to appreciate but also her honest convictions and her way of sharing them. One unusual post was about the Grammar Police. See how very opinionated and yet helpful she is!

Another blogger I appreciate is Mona Gustafson Affinito. I have read her writings about blogging on more than one forum and she seems outstandingly organized and aware. Again we have someone who is not native to America, yet wise and helpful. Her blog is named CONVERSATIONS, but somehow that title is difficult to see because the words are in white, hidden behind her beautiful header.

And then there is Opinionated Man, a blog I am almost ashamed to open at times because of the potty mouth and the bad attitude, but it shows what can be done if one is determined and has set a goal. If you go there, be prepared to be repulsed by some articles even though you may be inspired by others. A section on Power Blogging will be useful if you are willing to risk his suggestions.  😉

Just for good measure, you should follow a blog called 850 Calories. It is something everyone should see. You will not be able to dismiss it lightly even though there are not that many posts.  The ones there will keep you thinking and searching for answers.

Finally, one that really zings for me, because she and I stem from the same era, is the Boomer Connection. Her most recent article is “You’ll Never Be Miss America.” See what I mean? Dig around a while and notice how varied her posts can be. Notice who her followers are and who she follows. She is a woman with a purpose and a plan. Her grammar has been flawless in the posts I have read.

One lesson I have learned today is to be sure I have some way to log into my own blog.  There should be something in the footer or a side bar, and I need to set that up.  How did I finally post today?  I found myself in the reader quite by accident.


Day 3 assignment for Blogging 101: Say “Hi,” to the Neighbors

BLOGGING 101: Day 2–Say Your Name and Other VIP Information

Today (Tuesday) began more than 13.5 hours ago for me.  I hope yours starts off as well as mine has.

When I chose the name “LESSONS LEARNED” for my blog it was after about two years of being frustrated with a theme and a name someone chose for me because I was a female.  True, I am blogging for ladies, but the female title and design somehow did not suit me or the material I had in mind to present.

My title, LESSONS LEARNED, should reflect what I have finally been able to learn about what to do and what not to do in blogging, and even lessons learned in life.  There is a whole world of ideas in that last one!  😉

That being said, I move on to another suggestion for today’s post.  It has to do with planning the blog’s contents before you choose a theme.  This is probably the greatest need I have right now.  I usually deal with deeper studies for young and old, those studying about eternal things.  On another blog I have as many as 20 categories–far too many to add to one menu or even a side bar.  When I thought of trying to change the categories of all those posts to suit a new theme, I felt overwhelmed.  They really need to have two to three parent categories with drop down menus, similar to the ones featured in the following article:

I want to work toward setting up this blog with better planning if my theme allows.

On to the more frivolous information…  Adjectives that describe me personally might begin with the definition of my first name–headstrong.  My second name means dedicated to God and my maiden name meant bird.  My married name for the past 52 years is an Anglicized version of a Danish name “Soren’s son.”  I am told there were also Soren’s daughters, but they slipped through the cracks somewhere.   I suppose if I add all this together I might be something like “a headstrong bird, dedicated to God.”  Well, maybe that is stretching it a bit.