BLOGGING 101: Commenting Boldly

I am not politically motivated in any way.  I do love my homeland and often worry about the turn our government is taking, but I generally keep my opinions to myself.  My head is not in the sand. The nearest I have ever come to making a public statement about my political preferences was on MULIEBRAL VIEWPOINT last year and the only two comments were sage.

Opinionated Man had some good advice today about controlling the comments on his blog—Harsh Reality.   These two suggestions, plus the comments that follow show what every new blogger should know. I dared to comment on his previous article about feminists—hoping nobody I actually know reads what I said.

Hoof Beats and Foot Prints had a great article, “Worth the Wait” about a cat watching the bird feeder. The actual point of the article was that the photographer and the cat were both watching for a particular bird to appear, but the cat was so pretty and the mention of him made several, including me, comment on the cat instead of the bird. Oh, well.

SAPPY AS A TREE posted an article entitled Dear Miss Alcott. I feel connected to that writer. Forgive the bad grammar, but she is me. Do you ever feel that way about some stranger you meet online? She is a much younger lady than I, but her interests and her ideas mirror many of mine.  She has another blog called WRITE OUT OF DARKNESS. Be sure to read that one too.  I would elaborate, but why should I steal your joy in discovering her?

Finally, because one buddy, who could easily be part of the Blogging 101 dream team, kept after me, I have changed my TWENTY 10 theme for a “user friendly,” or as he put it, “a responsive theme for better viewing on mobile devices.“ I do not own those expensive hand-held gadgets, but I must live in this modern world where others do.  It is obvious that I should adopt a theme to meet my readers’ needs.

Among other things, I cleaned ants off my kitchen counter today using glass cleaner.  I will see whether that is as effective as HIT chalk.  I made breakfast for my husband, did two loads of laundry, fed the dog we recently adopted, pondered the mess an abandoned puppy made in our entry and was thankful we were able to find a home for the less than pint sized baby after only 24 hours.

Have a good day and blog on.

19 thoughts on “BLOGGING 101: Commenting Boldly

  1. Thanks for the pingback regardless of whether it was accidental or on purpose. 😉
    At the very least, I enjoyed being connected with Sappy as a Tree. I hadn’t seen Sandi’s work before and, as a voracious reader and certified bibliophile, I loved reading her post on to Louisa May Alcott. And, you are right, Beth! She is very eloquent!


  2. Hi, Beth! Thank you for your kind referral. I did want to point out, though, that I am not the author of the blog Write Out of Darkness.
    (That author’s name is Terri, and I just started following her this morning). My other blog (which has two lonely little posts) is

    By the way, I am viewing this post on my laptop (not my phone–although I sometimes read wordpress on phone, which has resulted in my unfortunately “unfollowing” and then hastily “refollowing” blogs because I have a tricky reading). The font is showing up very large here–probably at least 20 point or more; I’m not a graphics person, so that’s just a stab.


    1. Thanks, Sandi. I wondered if my page were only larger for me or if it were intended to fit whatever screen a reader used. Now I will have to search into that little problem. Thanks again for pointing this out.

      Also, I am wondering if your has the same header and theme as the one I recommended. Surely I have read yours enough to know the difference. How did such an error happen? Maybe it is an age related goof. 😉 As I read several new posts, I thought, “Well, Sandi had a stock pile ready to use when she opened this account.” LOL

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        1. Jason, I thought I might try to “fix” it myself, but it seems I am not able. I know when it changed so I probably need to go back to that window. I was setting up the mobile theme. From that point on the font was much too large.


          1. Testing the various clicks fits in with today’s Blogging 101 assignment. Today is Mohandas Gandhi’s birthday and a school holiday where I am, so I should have time to experiment. Thanks so much for the confirmation.


  3. He is a great blogger, I always enjoy his posts. Definitely an Opinionated Man, in a good way! I will follow your blog now, hope you’ll follow mine back. Happy blogging!


    1. Angie, I am glad you like writing. Your kids deserve a chronicle of their lives. Remember when people used to buy baby books and limit themselves to the pages there? There are so many more possibilities today. Following you already… 😉


    1. Yes, I suppose it was a light read. If you need something heavier, move over to the Muliebral Studies or to Muliebral Viewpoint. You will find those in the menu bar.


  4. Thank you for this post, now I’m interested to know which themes are the user friendly ones for the mobile platforms…I often find some blogs I read on my mobile phone don’t look as good as others but I have never thought to check out which ones they are!


    1. I went to the side bar in my dashboard, clicked on Appearance and then themes. From there I just had to check one by one until I found one that worked. I was told to look for the three little symbols for hand held devices. Then you have to use the Settings to make that work. There will be one for mobile devices and you should check that one.

      Thanks for visiting and thanks for the feedback.


  5. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    I appreciate the pingback and mention! Thanks for taking the time to come give my site a read and for boldly making that comment. I wish you well with your blogging and I think it is awesome you are taking part in blogging 101! -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here, please comment on their blog.

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