When I was eleven, I had virus pneumonia and whisperings around me let me know people wondered if I might die.  I coughed a lot, grew emaciated and hollow-eyed.  When my parents took me to a doctor, he started me on penicillin injections weekly for a while.  I was told not to carry my baby brothers under any circumstances, just rest.  Any eleven-year-old is going to get tired of that kind of life, especially since my treatment was to be for three whole months.  For the first time in my life, I knew boredom.  It was probably the only time I could not look around and figure out something to do.


Blogging 101: A New Day and a New Way to Blog

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment should bring newbies like me face to face with our deficiencies.  Like others, I know that the CSS option is good for personalizing the appearance and feel of my blog, but I fear it.  How about you?  A cheater link that looks promising is simply called TextFixer.com.  Perhaps this offers yet another crutch, and some of us old dogs need crutches.

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BLOGGING 101: Be Inspired by the Community


Is my granddaughter looking down a rabbit hole? I fear not. Maybe it is an opening to a fox’s den. I’m no expert. There was actually another, almost identical hole on the other side of this giant tree in a seemingly forsaken graveyard overgrown in weeds and thistles, but my granddaughter did not care which end of the hole it was—the entrance or the exit. Look! She is so close she’s almost in it! Isn’t the curiosity of children amazing? Another outstanding characteristic of kids seems to be their lack of fear.

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