Blogging 101: A New Day and a New Way to Blog

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment should bring newbies like me face to face with our deficiencies.  Like others, I know that the CSS option is good for personalizing the appearance and feel of my blog, but I fear it.  How about you?  A cheater link that looks promising is simply called  Perhaps this offers yet another crutch, and some of us old dogs need crutches.

Early this morning, when I began this lesson, it finally dawned on me that the old formatting features of WordPress are basically gone!  No more cheating by copying the HTML code from the text link while you are composing.  No more copy/paste from MS Word.  At the top of the composition page the sign “Switch to a new posting experience” keeps reminding me I should jump into deep water and forget the shore. For me, new is terrorizing, because I have only just learned the old.

Fear not!  Doom’s Day is not on the horizon yet.  As chance would have it, I happened to find a blog by Cindy Knoke, a retired psychotherapist who also happens to be a traveling photographer! Check her LinkedIn credentials—absolutely amazing! On Cindy’s ABOUT page alone, she has more than 500 comments!  Jason, move over; you are about to be replaced as head honcho of  No, just joking…

If nature photography is your bag, then by all means post fearlessly!  God’s creation speaks for itself.  If words are your medium, then post fearlessly, as long as your words are clear and concise.  The topic you choose will determine whether you have 20 or 2,000 followers.  Just by a cursory reading of some blogger’s articles and poetry you can see they are lubricious and dripping in double entendres.  Is that you?  Are my posts saccharine?  I must post honestly; remove the mask, say who I am and where I’m going.  The destination may not be what I thought it was two days ago.

4 thoughts on “Blogging 101: A New Day and a New Way to Blog

  1. Hi Beth, I didn’t even know about CSS! Ha ha. I had a quick look though, thanks for educating me but not for me right now 🙂 And I just read your comment too…I haven’t shared any of my writing with family or friends yet!

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    1. For a while my blog was private. I moved all the posts out to another blog and made it more like a diary or a journal, but then I needed something to use for Blogging 101 and this has been it. I probably will make it private again–especially if the assignments make me share more than I want to.


  2. Sandi,

    I never thought of myself as shy, but shy I am to go public with this. Notice I did not attach this blog to Facebook. What I see from the other two that are attached is that I could do the same thing just by taking a minute to post the links to my articles on my timeline. As far as I can tell that is all this offers. My FB friends are limited to my immediate family nieces and nephews and two cousins–altoghether 32. I cannot see the value in making this part of Facebook.


  3. Once again, I learned a new word by reading your post, Beth 😊This is a scary assignment (of course, nearly every assignment has stressed me in some way): I, for one, am not sure if I’m ready to merge my social media worlds.

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