BEAUTY FIX (part 2 of 3)

Roy Lanier Jr. was teaching a class at Bear Valley School of Preaching one day when the topic of women’s beauty fixes came up—things like tummy tucks, liposuction, face lifts and teeth whitening were being debated. His response was, “Old barns sometimes need a coat of paint.”

And it is not just the ladies who are having face-lifts these days; men are increasingly more concerned with their physical appearance. Unlike the old barn that needs paint for preservation and usefulness, men, and women paint and tuck to seek praise and honor from others.

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Waste not, want not – II

What a great way to save and serve at the same time! I am drawn to this for many reasons. One being the good food but another being the Scotch in this lady. 😉

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Book SchaflyWhen it became financially advantageous to have babies out of wedlock, the nuclear family was doomed.  In the last hundred years, the American family has been attacked, debased, maligned, slandered, and vilified by every facet of society. No family is safe from the official busybodies. At issue is a rebellion against any sort of moral code.

Who Killed the American Family reveals the concerted assault on the American nuclear family by many forces – feminists, judges, lawmakers, psychologists, school districts, college professors, politicians offering incentives and seeking votes, and more – opposed to the traditional American nuclear family, each with its own raison d’etre for wanting to abolish it. The wreckage of the American family leaves us with the inability to have limited government because government steps in to perform tasks formerly done by the nuclear family.



When I was a girl at home, we had a nice little newspaper called The Donley County Leader that often featured news from several towns in Donley County Texas. The part I liked was that it also featured poetry.

One column was called “Plowin’ Out the CORNERS” by Uncle Zeb. I never really knew who Zeb was, but we corresponded several times. Once I submitted a poem written by my mother and he thought it was great. Another time or two, I wrote him about what was going on in our “neck of the woods,” and he always answered me. Here is a copy of one article he wrote along with the poem I submitted.

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