Everything you wear says something about who you are and what is in your heart. While most women would not verbalize this, or even think about it, they want people to look at them. They want others, particularly men, to think they are beautiful. Today, people spend countless hours at the gym and tons of money to make their bodies look a certain way. Most of the time people say that diet and exercise are for their health, but if their hearts were exposed, it is really about 10% for their health and 90% so they can look good (true of both men and women). They have been told since the time of childhood that princesses are beautiful and wicked stepsisters are ugly. From almost the moment of birth, little girls are taught that so much of their value is found in their looks.

Beauty= good
Ugly = bad



Way back on September 16th the Blogging 101 class was challenged to write to a specific reader. Who else could I possibly write to but you?  What might I tell you that you don’t already know?  Maybe there are some bits of news and maybe the occasional photo to let you see what I see.

You know I am not a photographer, because photographs have to come from cameras and I have no idea how to operate those. But occasionally there will be something to share and chat about.  Maybe I can con your dad into taking a picture for you.  One such video clip came from almost 16 years ago.  It is an MP3 video of our baby Hannah, just learning to stand alone and walk.

Then of course the projects and the questions I might have about those. From time to time you might like to see what is happening to my quilts or crochet.  Those have been encouraging in the past.  Remember this one?  It was supposed to be a scrappy quilt for a new baby girl and it grew, and grew, and grew…

Cadence's Quilt

But most often I will share my searching studies—both new topics and old. You search the word and so do I, until we both come to the unity of the faith.