Everything you wear says something about who you are and what is in your heart. While most women would not verbalize this, or even think about it, they want people to look at them. They want others, particularly men, to think they are beautiful. Today, people spend countless hours at the gym and tons of money to make their bodies look a certain way. Most of the time people say that diet and exercise are for their health, but if their hearts were exposed, it is really about 10% for their health and 90% so they can look good (true of both men and women). They have been told since the time of childhood that princesses are beautiful and wicked stepsisters are ugly. From almost the moment of birth, little girls are taught that so much of their value is found in their looks.

Beauty= good
Ugly = bad

Yoga Pants 1Yoga pants defined – tight (usually black…black is slimming you know) pants that cling to every fabric of your skin. These pants may be appropriate to wear at home with your husband; however, when you leave your rear end uncovered (or only partially covered) you are pleading with every man within eyeshot to check out your backside.

Taken from “Yoga Pants” on The Dad’s blog


Montana Lawmaker Wants to Ban Yoga Pants

And not even for fashion reasons

A Montana representative is introducing a bill to strengthen the state’s indecent exposure laws after a group of naked bicyclists pedaled through the city of Missoula in August.

Rep. David Moore’s proposal would tighten indecent exposure laws to include exposure by men and women alike.

Tight-fitting clothing—like yoga pants, for example—could also be considered indecent exposure under the law, the Republican lawmaker said. “Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway,” Moore said after the hearing.Yoga Pants 2

Under current laws in Montana, a person convicted of indecent exposure three times could get a life sentence in jail. Moore’s bill lessens that sentence to a maximum of five years in jail and a $5,000 fine.

State prohibitions on public nudity are constitutional, according to a 1991 Supreme Court case, as nudity itself is not considered an expression of free speech according to the court’s interpretation of the constitution.

Moore drafted the bill after the Bare as you Dare bicycling event rode through Missoula last summer, angering residents.


Minnesota dad wants to ban yoga pants.

Before the lululemon recall put yoga pants in the spotlight, a Minnesota father made headlines for trying to have yoga pants banned at his child’s high school.

What was his reasoning? Yoga pants are a distraction to students. In a letter to the school principal, the father called for a school-wide yoga pants ban saying they “serve exactly one purpose—to draw boys’ attention to areas dads would rather not talk about or mention by name…”

Could the ones who mock such modesty, honestly say that wearing yoga pants is all about comfort and not about how the pants attract attention?

Referee orIn case you think this evil only happens in “bad old USA,” have a look at similar photos taken in India. India probably is one of the more conservative nations, as far as dress is concerned, but somehow they have managed to fall into line with this vulgar style. It is the same pant with a different name; they are called “track pant” in India. I will admit, the name sounds better, but the style is the same.

Remember, three-year-olds grow up to be thirteen-year-olds and eventually thirty-year-olds. What they wear when they are three is what they want to wear when they are thirteen or thirty.

Let us hear from you. Does it bother you that your wife, daughter, or sister is seen in these attention grabbers?

Under the Salwar

Motor Bike Buldges



  1. I am totally with you regarding leggings being worn as pants where everything shows. I have taught against this in many of my girls’ classes in India. The worst is when a woman/girl is riding on the back of a motorcycle, straddling the seat in a punjabi – with the dress split up almost to the waist – with leggings in view almost to the waist. It is unbecoming to a smaller person, but to see those who border on being the size of a cow, it is more than unbecoming. It is vulgar. But, it is vulgar on any size person when anything much above her knees is showing with or without leggings.

    However, I have seen Christian women (say in their 30’s or older) wearing leggings with a top that comes just below the top of their thighs – very unbecoming to say the least.

    Christian women, mothers, teenage girls – please dress more modestly so that those seeing you can see Christ living in you.

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    1. Karen, you and I are shocked because we have lived in a time when nothing like this would ever have been seen in a generally modest nation. I still say the “boob tube” is our undoing. Young girls and their mothers are convinced that “everybody is doing it.” They even justify wearing men’s pants to the assemblies nowadays. We can teach and pray and hope the ladies will learn better.


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