Today we take for granted that we can preserve our memories with a series of colorful photographs, but how long have people been able to do that?  A History of Photography Timeline gives us a clear picture of how recent this technology really is.  Black and white photography was the primary method of recording events even as late as the early 1940’s.

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When I was a girl at home, we had a nice little newspaper called The Donley County Leader that often featured news from several towns in Donley County Texas. The part I liked was that it also featured poetry.

One column was called “Plowin’ Out the CORNERS” by Uncle Zeb. I never really knew who Zeb was, but we corresponded several times. Once I submitted a poem written by my mother and he thought it was great. Another time or two, I wrote him about what was going on in our “neck of the woods,” and he always answered me. Here is a copy of one article he wrote along with the poem I submitted.

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