Studying to Learn – Suggestion #3

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Studying to Learn - 3

Daddy’s word study method was how I studied for a  very long time, and is still how I study a topic when I need to learn about it in a hurry. Bible software and “cut and paste” make it a pretty quick way to find many verses about a particular subject. However, there are lots of verses that have to do with certain topics, which don’t use that particular word in the passage – humility, for example. Not every passage which shows humility uses the word “humility” directly. That’s one of the things that encourages me about most of Granddad’s lessons; he brings in so much understanding from verses which you would not be able to find just by doing a word study.

I’m sure Granddad’s ability to “compare spiritual things with spiritual” (1 Corinthians 2:30) comes from many years of intense study and teaching. However, I discovered in the…

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