Studying to Learn – Suggestion #2

Choosing comes early in life. Once the choice is made the person can move on from there to be who/what they know to be.

for the invisible

Studying to Learn - 2

When I was younger, Daddy taught a class for the young teens at Church on how to study, which probably benefited me more than any other class I’ve ever had. It was the thing that got me seriously studying on my own, and moved me past the “read-a-chapter-a-day” goal. His method really isn’t rocket science, but it broke Bible study into steps that gave us a place to start, and when he stood beside us and made us do it ourselves, we realized we could. It was encouraging.

  • First, he made us choose a topic such as “discipleship” or “mercy.”
  • Then, he showed us how to use a concordance to make a list of all the references where the word “disciple” or “mercy” is found.
  • Once we had the list of references, we looked up each one, and wrote down a simple summary beside the reference.
  • Then, Daddy helped us…

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