DAYBOOK–October 5, 2015



For Today…Monday, October 15th 2015

Outside my window…mina birds call joyfully at daybreak, but not after the cement mixers on the property behind us begin their work.

I am thinking…about the heavy rains and flooding in the coastal areas of Eastern United States and the struggles those people must be having.

I am thankful…for email so that our children can contact us to let us know they are safe even if sorely inconvenienced by flooding.

I am creating… another quilt for one of my childen while at the same time working on more lessons, with the hope that the lost might be saved (1 Corinthians 10:33).

I am planning to go… buy myself a pair of shoes that will help me walk better.

I am wondering… if this week will bring the monsoon rains to our dry region.

I am reading… accounts of the flooding in Columbia, South Carolina and hope to share a few pictures from the news.

I am hoping…no one will be affected adversely by the flooding.

I am learning… patience as I deal with the frustrations of having lost my glasses.

In my kitchen…I have several food items half way through the cooking process. Working with whole foods or fresh food takes much longer than working with canned or packaged goods.

Pictures I would like to share…

People Being Rescued
People Being Rescued
A Street Washed Away
A Street Washed Away
More Street Flooding
More Street Flooding
Cars Under Water
Cars Under Water
Rising Water Level
Rising Water Levels

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8 thoughts on “DAYBOOK–October 5, 2015

    1. Maria, you may still read a bit of “my life” on the news. The President has declared South Carolina a disaster. Two hundred+ (maybe 250) bridges have washed away and more than 400 roads. One daughter and her family are stranded at home without power or water. All food in the freezer has rotted, but the other daughter has power and water so far, because she is out in the country where she has a well.


          1. Good news, Beth! Will pray that they don’t get discouraged with clean-up.


          2. Beth, yes. I reasoned with one person but this didn’t help, so I didn’t approve any more comments. Another followed me over from a friend of mine’s blog. He was not interested in honest discussion so I deleted his comment. I was just as happy that Tom didn’t want me to discuss with this person. There has been more. Can I help?

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