With the assignment for BLOGGING 201: SET THREE GOALS the class is to brainstorm and actually write down three things we plan to carry through.  My own plans are gradually developing as I choose various topics and the categories I plan to use for those.

My main goal right now is actually learning to set up a blog so that it has a future. Randomness is not my style, so this site needs to be arranged in such a way that it can be useful to me for a very long time.  Little by little that seems to be happening.

Going back to my “Dream Reader” post for Blogging 101, I realize I have another priority—my reader(s).  One of my granddaughters has written the “letter” post I have sent recently, which makes me truly understand how important it is to communicate with these granddaughters (and their mothers) before they have all flown the nest.  Read “Dear GramMER, I made apple butter…”  to see one type of message I plan to post fairly often—something useful for almost anyone who likes good quality food.  But, no, I do not plan to make this a food blog.  You will see as we go along, just what the categories are.

A third goal is to relax and let the dialogue flow, so I will also try to focus on Daily Writing assignments and seek feedback from the Community Pool.  Far too long I have suppressed my personal memories and feelings about those memories for fear of criticism.  It is not just the memories I want to pass on, but the teaching of what is good and right to do on a day-to-day basis.  Life is our training ground and we are students who continue to grow and learn by every experience.

When I attempted to log in to write this morning, the internet was down. It has been out most of the day because construction had caused a phone cable to be cut on the main road.  Maybe I can finish this article today and maybe not.  C’est la viv!

3 thoughts on “SETTING GOALS

  1. I definitely agree with what you say about relaxing and just letting it flow, I should make the same promise to myself, as I often get too strict with myself when it comes to my blog and that stops it from being enjoyable. Do you find you get a lot of helpful feedback from the Community Pool? I am yet to use it but I keep meaning to!


    1. I have only used Community Pool once, and have not had feedback so far that I know of. That could very well be because I am locked out of one of my blogs because of a Gravatar mix-up.

      The first draft should be done pen on paper and writing as fast as possible to move the pen. Then, will come the revision and typing. I am sure you will be pleased with the effect.


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