SQUINT! SoCS on Sunday?

Squint!  See if you can tell what this little kid is doing.

Preacher’s brat no doubt.  Showing off just like his father!

Always a day late and a dollar short…!  I may not be late for church today, but I know I am late for the SoCS post.

Is that you?  Is it procrastination or what?  Maybe someone did not inform you in time and so you missed the bus.  You might miss church today too, but you did not miss this photo shoot.

Church.  Keep your mind on your business.

The preacher is saying we need to focus.  I see the lady across the aisle from me is eating chocolate!  What a hypocrite!  She should focus on why she came here!

The man in front of me is sleeping–hmmm!

Oh, did I remember to turn off the oven?  What if…?

When we all stand up to sing, I will sneak out early and probably nobody will notice.




4 thoughts on “SQUINT! SoCS on Sunday?

    1. Thanks, Linda.

      I do hope your eyes are better. Have you seen a doctor? Eyes are the most precious thing you have unless it might be your ears.


  1. This made me laugh, because I DID miss church today. (I did listen to a sermon I’d missed while I was cooking lunch–I need to finish that later.) When I woke up today, I suddenly remembered that my college son had asked me to mend a few garments, and we both had forgotten about it. He and his sister went on to church, with the thought that I would come later, but it took longer than I thought. . . . Sad that I did not get to stand next to my handsome son in church (but maybe that would have been showing off, anyway).

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    1. I deliberately worked in a bit of sarcasm and irony The one needing to focus was the writer, eh?

      I actually had a hard time focusing on the communion this AM. The speaker did a masterful job of bringing specific scriptures that pointed to Christ as our example in learning to suffer to do right, but I kept thinking this and that with each verse–certainly not thoughts like the ones in my post, but detours nonetheless. I pray I will do better.

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