doppelgänger – noun

Definition of doppelgänger

a: double sense 2a said she had seen his doppelgänger
b: alter ego sense 1b
c: a person who has the same name as another

2: a ghostly counterpart (see counterpart sense

3 a) of a living person

MY MOTHER myself

This photo  was made just a few months before my mother completed her 80th year.  Now I am nearing 80 and appear much older than she seemed here.

One might wonder how such a topic could be used in a daily Bible study; of what value is it?  Would Christians be moved to search the subject in a paranormal sense?[i]  We often speak casually about some other person we meet being our double, our twin, maybe even our second-self, but do we really mean that?  Why is appearance and behavior so important?  If a child bears my name, am I more concerned with how they move and speak?

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