This afternoon I managed to export most of the pictures (as far as I know) from the LESSONS LEARNED blog and upload the XML file to this MULIEBRAL VIEWPOINT blog, but some pictures do not show. There is another problem with WHERE the pictures were placed.

When I was first going through the posts one by one in the main part of the blog , I noticed some did not have pictures at all, only an empty box; however, when I was searching the “HOME” button in the main menu, all the posts from the old blog were duplicated there, and the pictures appeared to be in place. Now I have replaced what pictures transferred with the move and will worry about the others later.

Question: should I just rename the HOME button to LESSONS LEARNED and let it be that way?  If I do, that will mean that they are all duplicated in the main body of Muliebral Viewpoint.

Well, I have answered that with deleting the old blog and so my ‘home’ button now reflects Muliebral Viewopint.

I WAS pretty depressed about all the editing that needed to be done, but it is doable.  My plan is to go back (as I have time) to make these materials worth reading. IF ONLY THERE WERE AN UNDO BUTTON FOR BLOGS… I might start all over by copying pictures first, but I have indeed learned a valuable lesson.