Questions for Discussion about NOAH


  1. One of the first things people notice about the length of life in Genesis is that men lived more than 900 years.  To what age would man be limited after the flood (Gen. 6:3)?
  2. Were there giants in the earth during Noah’s time (Gen. 6:4)?
  3. Were there rivers in Noah’s time (Gen. 2:10-14)?
  4. How was everything watered before the flood (Gen. 2:6)?
  5. Would the wicked people of Noah’s time believe the warning about a flood when there had been no rain up to that time (Gen. 2:6)?
  6. Did God know that man would become as wicked as these people had become (Gen. 6:6-7)?
  7. What was said of Noah that made God save him and his family (Gen. 6:8-9)?
  8. Jude 14 says Enoch was the seventh from Adam. How many more generations was it until Noah was born (Gen. 5:21-29; Luke 3:37-38). Don’t confuse Enos (Gen. 5:10 with Enoch (Gen. 5:18).
  9. The law about clean and unclean animals, birds, fish, insects, etc. was written down in (Lev. 11:1-47). Notice the different categories such as birds, creeping things and animals. How would Noah know which beasts were clean and unclean before the Law was written? This is a trick question.
  10. How many of each of the clean animals would Noah take into the ark (Gen. 7:2)?
  11. How many of each of the unclean animals would Noah take into the ark (Gen. 7:8)?
  12. How was Noah supposed to get these into the ark (Gen. 6:20)?
  13. What would these animals, birds and creeping things eat while they were in the ark (Gen. 6:21)?
  14. What would Noah and his family eat (Gen. 6:21)?
  15. Name the men who were living at the same time Noah lived?
  16. Which of these would have been alive when the flood came (Gen. 5:25-31)?
  17. How old was Noah before he had three sons (Gen. 5:32)?
  18. Did Noah walk with God like Enoch (Gen. 5:24, 6:9)?
  19. How old was Noah when God shut him and his family in the ark and the flood came (Gen. 7:6)?
  20. Many denominational commentaries say that it took Noah 120 years to build the ark. Can that be true? Why or why not?
  21. Why do we have a rainbow today (Gen. 9:13-14, 16)?
  22. When did God give Noah permission to eat the animals (Gen. 9:3)?
  23. What had God given the generations between Adam and Noah permission to eat (Gen. 1:29)?
  24. Genesis 9:20-21 says Noah drank of the wine and was drunk. At this time was there any written law against drinking too much wine?
  25. What are the “nations” in Genesis 10?
  26. Which direction did each of Noah’s sons go after the flood? See maps for help.
After the Language Confusion at Babal
After the Language Confusion at Babel–Gen. 10:10, 11:9