Canadian Geese Migration

Lessons from Geese

Geese flying in a V-formation have always been a welcome sign of spring as well as a sign that heralds the coming of winter.  Not only is this a marvelous sight, but there are some remarkable lessons that we can learn from the flight of the geese because all that they do has significance.

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Learning for a Lifetime by Guest Writer–Sandi Fleming

Recently, Beth asked me to write about lessons I have learned from my mother. Thinking about my remarkable mother, who raised six children and has 19 grandchildren, I agreed. Old habits persist, so I called my mother and asked for permission to share what I’ve learned from her. There was a long silence on her end of the phone. When she responded, her answer encapsulated one of the most valuable lessons she taught me: “I should write about what I’ve learned from you, Sandi. I have learned so much from all my kids.”

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Morning Stiffness aka Why My Neck Hurts
Morning Stiffness
aka Why My Neck Hurts

Five girls in a bed and the little one said, “Roll over!  Roll Over!”

Then the daddy left for work, and the mother said, “Move over!  Fill Dad’s spot!”

So they all rolled over and slept a while longer, then mother snapped a selfie and…

Self-analysis dictates that sleeping six (or seven) in a bed, no matter the bed size, is damaging to the health and alternative arrangements should be made, whether or not the kids have bad dreams, sugar ants on their pillowcases or pets munching scattered toys and food to keep children from sleeping all night.

After all, why did they buy beds for each kid?



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