Do You Love the Lord?

A special teacher, preacher and song leader too.


tom holland

(Tom Holland)


“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind” (Matt. 22:37)

     INTRO.: A hymn which encourages us to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind is “Do You Love the Lord?” The text was written by Thomas H. Holland, who was born in 1931 to Ross R. and Elzie Flanagan Holland, graduating from Freed-Hardeman College (now University) in 1951. His further education included a B.A. (David Lipscomb College), an M.A. (Abilene Christian University), and a Ph.D. (Southern Illinois University). His wife’s name is Linda D. Holland.  A well known preacher and lecturer among Churches of Christ, he is the author of numerous books on homiletics and sermon outlines. One website listed the following sermon outline books by Tom Holland: Essential Elements of Expository Preaching, Steps into the…

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11 thoughts on “Do You Love the Lord?

  1. I couldn’t resist showing this comment to my husband and he grinned and said, “You know, I’d forgotten about that. It seems strange to my ears now.”

    He left Canada when he was 19 to go to ACU in Abilene, Texas on a scholarship, where his speech teacher told him never say “Again, garage or how’s it going, eh!” She said she would fail him if his speech sounded “foreign.”


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I miss our conversations, but glad you are still reading. I have not heard this hymn before either, but happy to know the teacher I knew could also write music and poetry.

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    2. Somehow I missed this comment. I follow your posts on Facebook, but those seem different from the ones on your blog. Today I read your Christmas posts, your designs posts and your awards. It was fun. I am slowing down on my blog too, but not intentionally. Where does the time go?

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      1. Hi Beth ❤ So nice to have you visit!
        Yeah, fb is my outlet for quick bits of fun. Do you prefer the blog over fb? The blog's been quiet here too, unfortunately. Canada's grievously godless gov't has been shredding the nation and weighing heavily on my heart 😦 So yesterday, I finally gave in and just posted about it! Now today seems lighter 🙂 These are, after all, signs of our redemption drawing nigh so my desire is to concentrate on looking up! 🙂 💕🙏🎶😇✝💜 Jackie@KWH


        1. My husband is Canadian, and I am grieved for his and my relatives there. Freedom of speech has died in Canada along with the morals. One may say anything vile, but not Christian.

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          1. Yup… the corrupt/arrogant/ideologically derranged Trudeau gov’t seizes every opportunity to do the wrong thing for Canada 😦 Who can measure the damage they’ve caused in just 3.5 years!!! Glad he’s finally been exposed, at least! :-/
            Please give your husband 🇨🇦 et al a hearty “how’s it going, eh!” from me 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH


          2. Hi Beth 🙂 Thanks for asking and sorry for taking so long to reply… Indeed, the Trudeau Liberal gov’t has bought-off msm with $600M (plus another $1.5M for the cbc) taxpayer funds 🙃 Fortunately, there are a scrappy few who fiercely stand for journalistic truth! My main websites for news include The Rebel Media @ and Spencer Fernando @

            Trudeau continually tries to blame his own blunders on everyone else, but especially hates The Rebel and even tries to blame them during parliament 🤪 Hoping the October election (or perhaps the rapture?) will finally rid us of him!!! 🤔🙏💜 Jackie@KWH


          3. You’re welcome, Beth ❤ Hope the links work for you there in India! JT's scandelously corrupt gov't keeps them busy, but I'm so grateful for the few who choose to report truthfully! 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH


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