Video of 2-racing-buses-in-coimbatore-goes-viral.

Na! You can’t be serious!   No public servant would do such a thing!

Yes, some would and do.  This is not such an unusual occurrence as you might think.  When we go by car down the highways between villages, towns or cities, we often see the skeletal remains of busses that were not so successful at racing or “playing chicken.”  How many times have I seen the half slice of metal bones on the side of a highway? With all the seats gone on one side, one has to understand there were at least that many dead, while those whose seats remained on the other half were at least injured if not killed.

And sometimes it’s the kids!

Scenes like these were always the reason we took the trains instead of busses.

Such as this is not exactly good for the health would you say?

Never leave the house without a prayer for God’s protection.  Never assume you will return home without witnessing some near death experience.  Never assume you can do what you purpose to do without the Father (James 4:13-15).

Let us infuse this idea into our minds and hearts, so that we are completely pleasing to our Master.  And may He bless your day richly.

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