If only the evolutionists would quit adding the zeros to the real ages of things! One year we read that something is so many million years old and the next the same article is adjusted to read so many trillion years. When will readers wake up and smell the coffee?

Bible-Science Guy

Absolutely NOT!

The earth is OLD, about 6,000 years old, according to the Biblical records.

Age Earth

Creationists often call the earth young. What does this mean? Young relative to what? Young relative to evolutionists’ age for the earth of 4.6 billion years? But why use evolutionists’ speculation for the reference point?

Nothing is older than the earth. It’s the oldest thing there is—older by three days than the sun, moon, and stars; five days older than Adam and Eve.

Since everything is younger than the earth, the earth should be called old. If the earth is young, then nothing is old. To say the earth is young removes all meaning from the word old.

6K Creationist

To say the earth is young presumes the general validity of the evolutionary framework of long ages of time. It’s only the unrelenting propaganda of “billions of years” that causes…

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