INTROSPECTION: …thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest…

My Dell Desktop
My Dell Desktop

What’s messier right now—my bedroom or my computer’s desktop? How and why did it get to that state?  I cannot blame any of my desktop mess on the Blogging 101 class.  Quite the contrary.  I took the course to help me sort out my priorities and maybe use some of the articles I started and never finished—all saved to my desktop over a period of about a year.

I have been known to procrastinate, but do not usually. I don’t remember ever being bored.  Daphne Gray-Grant talks about the benefits of sacrificing our amusements in exchange for creativity we might discover in boredom.  There is always so much I want to do–not trivial things either.  I have no TV, that’s right–not even one.  People with ADHD are not bored (my self-diagnosis). What is the definition of ADHD? It is a disorder that causes a person to…Look, there goes a bunny rabbit!

Someone says, “Good news—another hour has just been added to every 24-hour day! How would I use those extra sixty minutes?  What if I had one more hour every day to catch up with the projects I have planned or promised to finish?  Would I actually use that hour to bring my “to-do” list under control?

“My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle” (Job 7:6) sounds more and more understandable to me, especially since I know this is my last week before our big move.  One day at a time we make decisions about how we’ll use the life the Lord has loaned us. And one day at a time we review how those hours have been used. Introspection is a painful but necessary duty.

4 thoughts on “INTROSPECTION: …thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest…

  1. I have to show you my desktop sometime…it is squeaky clean with only 2 items on the screen! You know what I did? I created a folder and renamed it “Desktop” and then I dumped all the items that were supposed to be on my desktop onto that folder. 😊

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    1. That is a great idea! It would seem to solve my present clutter, but I did that about 6 months ago and saved the folder in my documents as VIP. Now am I going to do it again? No doubt some of those beastly documents and photos crawled out of VIP folder onto my desktop again and have had babies. LOL I need that extra hour a day to tame them.

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  2. So much to do, so little time–how do we choose? Lately, I have been borrowing from Peter (housework, homeschooling) to pay Paul (blogging, spending time with college kids). May you make wise choices this week, my friend.

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    1. I need big-time help to get my priorities right. There is so much good to be done and so little time. Our children need emails from me too, and I definitely need to hear from them. I also try to think of the legacy I am leaving. Can our children be comforted or encouraged to follow my example? Am I a good example?

      Right back to the title, “…thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest…” (1 Cor. 14:25, KJV).

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