The Father’s Day Dilemma

This is what parents of “ordinary” kids usually don’t understand–how a special needs child can bring so much to a family.

AJ Collette

josh daddy hands

It started innocently enough.  It’s Friday (the 13th in fact which is ironic beyond all measures) and I am parked in my home office to begin the day.  I prepare to read through the list of personal emails that have filled my account since the previous morning.  I’m into my typical morning routine which involves email accompanied by some type of breakfast.  Today I have rewarded myself with an egg sandwich.  Having lost the naive view in younger days that Crunch Berries is a good way to start the day, the choice of healthy cereals just didn’t seem like a proper reward for a busy week.   I sit back in the chair with a glass of orange juice in hand and watch the mailbox slowly fill with the bold headlines of emails not yet read.  I focus on the bright blue bar at the bottom of my monitor that…

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