Why I love the KJV Bible

When I think about my blessings

I have much to be thankful for

My life has been filled with happiness

I couldn’t ask for more.

Oh, there’s been times of loneliness

And times of tears and pain

But God has been really good to me

Through sunshine, clouds or rain.


One thing for which I’m thankful

It controls my destiny

My parents were Bible believers

And that meant a lot to me.


We talked about the Bible

We learned the Golden Rule

And when ever Sunday came around

We were in Bible school.


I memorized the Apostles

I tried to preach like Paul

My pulpit was an orange crate

I stood about three feet tall!


We always used the King James

Back in my early days

They didn’t publish the perversions

We couldn’t afford them anyway!


From mother’s knee to age eighty-three

That’s all I ever knew

And when you hear me teach or preach

I’ll be King James through and through.


I’ve heard men make the comment

But it was said in jest

If the King James was good for Paul and Silas

It’s good for all the rest.


Some words have changed their meaning

Since the old King James was wrought

But God expects us to study

If we the truth be taught.


Words like Thee and Thou are written

We all know what they mean

They are but words of great respect

For God who is our King!


We all object to “Easter”

A bad translation at best

But with a little study

We all can pass the test.


And then there is the “Holy Ghost”

The “Spirit” is what’s meant

He’s also called the “Comforter”

The One whom Jesus sent


And with this grand old Bible

Many a debate was won

We taught and formed congregations

With converts to God’s Son.


The Wallaces, the Nichols

And Marshall Keeble too

Led men and women to the faith

And taught them what to do.


So as you travel the narrow way

In search of souls to teach

Make sure that dear old Bible

Is well within your reach.


Teach the younger generation

How to plant the seed

To be ready with an answer

For all the souls in need.


Study to be a workman approved

Stay busy for the Lord

And then when life is over

You’ll reap that grand reward!

—D. Arbaugh

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