beer_toastSome of the most beautifully done commercials advertise beer. They’re gorgeous; they really are.

Those breath-taking horses, the sweet little colt… very appealing. That little child on crutches, the one whose medical bills were paid by the beer company, is so touching.

If we had realistic beer commercials, what would they be like? Would we see a man standing at the sink, heaving up his stomach? Or a little girl lying under a bar stool, sleeping, while her mother “drinks away” her sorrows?

How can a picture show the deep, agonizing depression in the aftermath of adultery, because a husband’s judgment was clouded by drink?

I wonder how the beer companies’ track record is with children. I mean the children whose lives they improve with their charitable donations, compared to the number of children born dead, or with chronic seizures, gross deformities, and retardation, because their mothers are seduced to drink – by these very commercials. Not to speak of those sweet faces we see on the billboards, slaughtered by drunken driving, and the living ones, whose faces never make it to the billboards, because they are too disfigured. Or the loneliness of the ones that are robbed, by the same means, of a mother’s loving touch….

Study more about Alcohol  with this Power Point presentation.

The file has been scanned for viruses and is safe.  Give it time to download since it is a 2.92 MB file.

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