What is Gambling? (part 1)


(Outline notes taken from a sermon on the same topic)

I. Gambling Defined

  1. Legal – “Gaming or playing for money; or betting on the result of a game; the playing of a game of chance or skill for stakes.”
  2. Dictionary – “To play or game for money or other stake; to hazard; wager. Connected with gambling is the strong element of uncertainty, the large chance of losing.”
  3. Popular View – “Getting something for nothing without rendering service or exchange of goods and is essentially stealing and a form of robbery.”
  4. Psychiatrists – “A compulsion. Habitual gambling is a mark of a disturbed personality, an undesirable character trait.”
  5. Summary – Gambling involves three parts:
  • Chance is a major element. Some skill may be needed.
  • A prize or payoff in cash or merchandise.
  • To be eligible for the prize something must be placed at risk.

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